Jane Forster, SenX

Jane Forster

Co-founder and director
Jane has a broad range of expertise in project management, international publishing, 2D and 3D design and corporate identity. An effective communicator, she has also been involved in management training, advising clients how to prepare clear, accessible reports.

She has recently been involved in setting up and running Aggregate Research Ltd, organizing new websites, presentations and associated visual materials.

Commissioned by the director of CCM TEAM area at HeidelbergCement to improve the profile and communications of the department, Jane worked in close collaboration with senior management and technical experts, producing newsletters, logos, graphic styling, and reports. She also initiated training sessions to improve the quality of the group’s communications.

Much of Jane’s work involves presenting complex technical information in a clear, accessible and professional way, such as the brochure she designed to explain the structure and results of a joint research project between Etorus and HeidelbergCement, and the logos, reports and promotional materials she designed for Kayasand and Kemco, Japan.

She has strong skills in structuring companies, management, budgeting and scheduling and was a founder director of Brantwood (Southern) Ltd, providing project management services to property developers. She was also joint founder-director of Welmar Mews RTM Company.

Jane, a keen plants-woman, has recently created a mixed orchard in Wales for her bees to enjoy.