This site was run by a single operative, who was responsible for plant feed, control, and maintenance. The range of products included high-value specialist sands for playgrounds and golf courses, which are in great demand throughout the country.

Production issues, related to the process set-up and installation, resulted in blinded screens, excessive water in the products, and loss of product discharged to waste. Naturally, the effect on product quality and sales-split reduced net income and profit.

Corrections to the wash water flow, screen media selection and modifications to certain elements of the plant, which had been poorly installed, were proposed; action was then agreed. The resulting increase in output, reduction in waste and its disposal, and restoration of product balance, led to an increase of € 1.50/t in net profit, further enhanced by a 225% improvement in the production of the highest-value product.

Throughout the consultation, the principles of correct plant and process set-up were discussed with the operative and his manager. The site was supplied with a detailed presentation explaining the action that was needed to maintain optimum productivity and product split.