Dirdal, Norweigan quarry

An in-depth study of quarry operations led to improved profitability.

The quarry has two elements, a processing and ship loading site, and the quarry area itself, which is located remotely. Whilst the equipment is old, it is well maintained and reliable, with minimal downtime. The main products made on site are known as ‘Offshore Material’ (75/90mm and 75/125mm), used by the oil industry to cover undersea pipelines. Because of the limited product range, the site is reliant upon its reputation for quality and service.

Four issues were identified:

  • The loading berth needed extending to accommodate the larger ships being used
  • Blasting fines generation was too high
  • Explosives costs were also excessive
    (The latter two matters were addressed by modifying the blast design)
  • Primary crusher automation was desirable to improve throughput consistency.

The resulting improvement in site profitability was 0.60€/t.